Special £10 offer: The Bob Marley One Love Experience

The Bob Marley One Love Experience makes its global debut at London’s iconic Saatchi Gallery for a limited ten-week exhibition starting in February.

This unique experience will showcase unseen Marley photographs and memorabilia whilst immersing audiences on a journey through his lifestyle, passions, influences, and enduring legacy.
You will venture through the exhibition, greeted by different elements of Bob Marley’s multi-faceted life. The One Love Music Room will commemorate Bob Marley’s achievements through accolades and giant art installations.

You will be transported to the One Love Forest, and at the heart of the exhibition you will be able to honor and rejoice in Marley’s musical catalogue at the Soul Shakedown Studio – a live listening experience.

Bob Marley

The Beautiful Life area will allow you to delve deeper into Marley’s other personal joys, from football to family, whilst the Concrete Jungle and Fan Art Exhibition will be anchored by world famous artworks by Mr. Brainwash.
Audiences will then be able to discover The Next Gen Room celebrating Bob’s family and legacy through the next generation.

Discover and celebrate one of the world’s most beloved and unifying musical and cultural legends in this unique exhibition.
There’s so much to see you’ll come back for more!

Special £10 offer
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